Household survey 住戶調查





An epidemiological study about viral hepatitis

Viral hepatitis remains a public health threat in Hong Kong. The major interest of this epidemiological study would be the distribution and determinants of viral hepatitis in Hong Kong population. This study is expected to provide updated information for public health policy formulation by identifying risk factors and targets for disease control and prevention.

As most people with hepatitis are unaware of their infection status, testing for viral hepatitis is the gateway for access to appropriate prevention and treatment services. Getting tested for prompt disease management could not only maintain the health of an individual, but also reduce its public health burden by minimizing the transmission potential in the community.





Study design

This is a territory-wide cross-sectional household survey on two types of vaccine-preventable viral hepatitis, namely hepatitis A and hepatitis B.

All members in selected households are invited to complete a questionnaire and submit blood samples to the Research Team for serology testing. Blood samples could be taken in person at the research centre or by submitting self-collected dried blood spot testing kits.





  1. 估算甲型及乙型肝炎在香港人口中的流行情況
  2. 分析與病毒性肝炎相關的風險因素、疫苗接種記錄及接種意向
  3. 透過建立數學模型,評估甲型及乙型肝炎在香港人口中的傳播風險

香港中文大學 – 新界東醫院聯網臨床研究倫理聯席委員會被授權在有需要時審視個人資料藉以評估研究倫理(參考編號:2017.697)。如果你有更多關於臨床研究倫理相關問題,請與該委員會聯繫 (電郵 或 致電 3505 3935) 。

Aim and objectives

This study aims to enhance the capability of public health authorities by assessing the susceptibility and transmission potential of hepatitis A and B in the general population in Hong Kong.

The objectives are to:

  1. determine the population-level seroprevalence of hepatitis A and B in Hong Kong,
  2. examine the risk factors, vaccination history and intention to get vaccinated against viral hepatitis, and
  3. assess the transmission potential of hepatitis A and B in the general population by mathematical modelling.

The Joint Chinese University of Hong Kong – New Territories East Cluster Clinical Research Ethics Committee has approved this study (Ref. No.: 2017.697) and is authorized to access the participants' records related to the study for ethics review purpose. For enquiry regarding clinical research ethics, please contact the Committee at and phone at 3505 3935.





  1. 為受邀請家庭住戶中的成員
  2. 通常在港居住
  3. 懂得中文或英文
  4. 並非外籍家庭傭工
  5. 獲得合法監護人的同意(適用於未滿18歲的家庭成員)

Eligibility criteria

To join the study, you must:

  1. be a member in the invited domestic household;
  2. normally reside in Hong Kong;
  3. able to understand written Chinese or English;
  4. not be a foreign domestic helper; and
  5. have informed consent from your legal guardian, if you are aged below 18


研究流程 Flow chart of the study

pic flowchart sm


Blood sampling for laboratory testing

Blood samples shall be obtained either by venesection or collected dried blood spots. The following virus and immunity markers will be tested:

  • Anti-HAV
  • HBsAg
  • Anti-HBs
  • Anti-HBc

Clinical interpretation of each marker can be found here.



  • 甲型肝炎抗體
  • 乙型肝炎表面抗原
  • 乙型肝炎表面抗體
  • 乙型肝炎核心抗體



Want to know more or participate in the study?

For further information, please contact

This study only accepts participants from invited domestic households. The principal investigator's decision is final.